Move On, But Never Forget

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We often don't realise that there's a difference between moving on and forgetting. Moving on from an experience and carrying on with life is a must, as long as we never forget what it taught us. 

Moving on from situations is something that we humans have to do to survive....admittedly it's also something that I really struggle with. The thing is, I hate to have unresolved issues with people, I feel the need to prod and poke the situation until everything is cool, but sometimes that just doesn't work. 

Not everything can be sorted out and not everyone will co-operate with you. This is when you need to make the tough decision to leave a toxic moment behind us and carry on living your life. Moving on can be hard, but not moving on results in a lot of unwanted stress. 

On Saturday I made a life-long commitment to never forget one particular event. The Manchester attack. After a whole year, I finally got in the artists chair and committed to getting a bee tattoo. I wasn't at the show myself, but it effected me deeply (like it did with many people). 

This tattoo is not something to hold me back and it's definitely not to dwell on the tragedy that happened, but rather to remember the unity & joy that came after. In the grand scheme of things, this was not a huge attack, but it will go down in history. I can't think of a recent event that showed more compassion & love, not just from the people of Manchester, not even the people of the UK, but people all around the world. Nothing made me more proud than that. 

That's what I mean when I say to move on but never forget. Never shall we ever forget what happened, and never shall we ever forget the lives lost but we also can't forget the reaction of the people. For a moment, everyone came together and that, to me, means more than anything. We need to use that glimmer of positivity and move on. 

And it doesn't have to be a huge event like the Manchester attack either. Whatever you're going through, big or small, if it's causing you too much stress then move on! Learn from it, yes, but never let it stop you from growing. Being happy is all that truly matters in life, always keep that in mind.

Thank you.
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