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Welcome to Blogmas day 9! As a huge makeup lover, one thing I get very excited about every year are the winter/Christmas makeup collections. I thought I would go through a few that have been released this year and share my thoughts.


Kylie Cosmetics

The highly anticipated collection definitely didn't disappoint this year. The Nice palette is for sure the star of the show, with the mixture of warm shades & that duo-chrome purple, it's a must have. But let's not forget that the Naughty palette is also stunning, the deep green and burgundy are definitely eye catchers. As for the Wet Set, I'm personally not a huge fan since I wouldn't be able to use some of the shades, but it does look pretty for anyone with a deeper skin tone than me.

 The Red Velvet lip kit also doesn't excite me too much. Although the packaging is stunning, it's just a basic red and to be honest, is it really worth splashing the cash for a simple red lip? I adore both of the lip sets (Spice is my fave) however, I don't enjoy the price. Overall I like the collection, but would only really consider purchasing one of the palettes.

Morphe Brushes

I haven't had too much experience with Morphe before, I have one of their 35 palettes and I've tried a few of their brushes (that I love btw), but this year they have completely rebranded themselves with a new logo and packaging. Both of the new palettes 39A and 15D look amazing and I believe are reasonably priced. The only thing that slightly bothers me is the fact that the middle shades are bigger pans in the 39A, like why not make them all the same size? I really don't get that.

 I've never tried Morphe lip products (although I'd love to) but to be completely honest, their new metallic ones just don't appeal to me. If I were to choose one thing from the collection it would probably be the 39A just because of the incredible shade selection.

Natasha Denona

I've never tried Natasha Denona products before simply because of the extortionate price, but my god she brings out some stunning makeup collections, and this year is no exception! She released two, 5 colour eyeshadow palettes, Joya featuring stunning pinks, purples and a striking gold, and Aeris featuring a shimmery nude, two reds, a breathtaking blue and a peachy bronze.

 Natasha is known for having extremely well formulated and pigmented shadows, so personally I wouldn't mind forking out for the Aeris palette myself.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Putting my opinions on Jeffree aside, I've absolutely fallen in love with his makeup this year. I've accumulated a few pieces over the past year and they have become my treasured possessions. I've been excited about the holiday collection and when it was finally announced I couldn't contain myself.

The glitter packaging is gorgeous and absolutely everything in the collection is a winner. My absolute must-haves are the Platinum Ice highlighter palette and the liquid lipsticks in the shades Mermaid Blood, Human Nature & Medusa.


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  1. Love this! I've just ordered two Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks from Beauty Bay, and it was so hard to pick which shades to go for, as they all look so good! His Christmas collection is stunning xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I love Morphe palettes! They are such good quality for an affordable price. Perfect little gift for Christmas too xx