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Welcome to Blogmas day 3! As you may or may not know, Christmas is my favourite time of year (hence why I'm doing Blogmas) so I thought, why not share my thoughts and love for this fantastic holiday? The best way for me to do that is to answer a few questions, so I searched the web and came across this amazing tag created by 'The Swirl'. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to answer any of the questions yourself in the comments below!

When is an acceptable date to start playing Christmas music?

You mean there isn't an acceptable time to play Christmas music? Honestly, I listen to Christmas music all year round and I'm not ashamed, but I'd say I go into full-on Christmas mode around November.

All time favourite Christmas album?

That's a tough one, I know a lot of people would go for the classics like Michael Buble or Mariah Carey, but I'm going to have to go for Ariana Grande - Christmas & Chill! It's like my two favourite things in the entire world got together and had a baby, what could be better?!

How do you spend Christmas morning?

My ID might say that I'm 19 years of age, but when it comes to Christmas, I have the mentality of a 3-year-old. I typically wake up way too early and then get told to go back to bed. When I'm finally allowed to get up, we all go downstairs in our pajamas. The presents will all be laid out on the sofas and we all have our individual pile of gifts. We put Christmas music on and open them all together. There tends to be a lot of yawning and a lot of mess, but It's my favourite time in the world.

After opening presents, we sit and chat for a while, properly snooping through what we got. We probably make ourselves a second cup of tea and then go upstairs to get ready.

What's a new Christmas tradition you want to start doing?

We don't really have many family traditions, but in the future I would love if I could develop some. Baking treats on Christmas Eve would definitely be one, and seeing the Coca-Cola truck, I did that last year with my best friend and I loved it.

What is your favourite baked good around Christmas time?

Mince pies or anything with cinnamon in it and I'm happy.

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

A couple of rose gold Morphe brushes, some essential skincare items, a tripod for my phone & a Beautyblender.

Favourite Christmas candle scent?

Cinnamon. I cannot stress to you how much I love cinnamon.

What is your ideal secret Santa gift?

I think secret Santa gifts are sooo easy! Even if you don't know the person that well, you can never go wrong with a box of chocolates or some fluffy socks. Personally, my ideal gift would be some bath products or a DVD.

When is your ideal gift shopping time?

I'm one of those people who is constantly on the look-out for Christmas gifts, if I ever see anything on the web that I think someone will like, I save it in my bookmarks! But I think the ultimate time to actually buy presents is around Black Friday/Cyber Monday, get the deals while you can!

A picture that reminds you of Christmas.

How do you like to decorate your house/apartment/room?

I don't decorate my bedroom (because I'm poor), I'm also not in charge of the decorations for the rest of the house since I didn't buy them, but I like Christmas decorations to be traditional & simple. A lot of red, a lot of lights and absolutely no tinsel!

What is your favourite Christmas activity?

Is wrapping presents a Christmas activity? If so, that! I love wrapping presents and the perfectionist in me wants everything to always be neat and colour coordinated. Sometimes I even wrap other people's presents for them because they know I love it so much.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas time?

EVERYTHING! Honestly the spirit that you feel around Christmas time is so powerful. It's like there's something magical in the air making everyone feel so happy. It's a time to appreciate the good in your life and cherish everyone around you. Whether it's been a good year or a bad year, it's the perfect way to end it. Yeah presents are great, but nothing can beat that pure Christmas joy.


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