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Welcome to Blogmas day 4! I really hope you're enjoying the posts so far. Today I am hitting you with a Netflix Recommends, if you're unfamiliar with this, I suggest you check out my previous post HERE. To put it simply, I am going to be suggesting and talking through my thoughts on 5 things currently on Netflix (UK) that I think are well worth a watch! Enjoy.


1. Gotham (TV series, 15)

Gotham is an American crime drama set in, surprisingly, Gotham! The story follows all of the characters in the Batman franchise but makes a point of focusing on James Gordon & Bruce Wayne. The series begins in the most traditional way, with the death of Bruce's parents. Gordon, who has just joined the GCPD is set with the task of finding the killer. Throughout the series you get to meet all of Batman's most notorious villains such as the Riddler, Penguin and, of course, Catwoman.  

The thing I love about this show is that it made me love Batman! Before watching this, I NEVER understood the hype over Batman and always stayed true to my one-true-love, Spider-Man. But this show is something else. It not only has an engaging story line, but the cast is absolutely superb, it's almost as if each role was made for them. I've deeply fallen in love with each and every character, their backstories and their mother's backstories too. It's definitely one of the most captivating and addicting shows I've seen on Netflix so far and would highly recommend to anyone, Batman fan or not!

2. A Bronx Tale (film, 15)

This film is a 1993 classic, crime-drama set in the 1960's. It follows a young Italian-American man and his coming-of-age. He grows up with two father roles in his life; his biological dad (played by Robert De Niro) and his 'mafia dad' (played by Chazz Palminteri). The film essentially revolves around values, learning the difference between right and wrong. 

This film really got me because while it can be very humorous at times, it can also be very heartbreaking and touching. Both of his mentors want the best for him and both try to teach him valuable lessons. You see him grow and change throughout the film, but unfortunately you also see him noticing the cruel and violent world in which he lives in. The cast and script are undeniably amazing and it's, for sure, a must watch. 

3. Sing Street (film, 12)

Sing Street is a coming-of-age film. Set in the 1980's, Ireland, it revolves around a young boy who creates a band at his new school to impress a girl. The band go through many different phases as they learn more about current music and try to find their sound. 

This is a film that I saw more recently and I haven't been able to forget about it! It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry and, most importantly, it made me want to sing my heart out because the original score for this film is something to be heard! If you appreciate music, especially 80's music, you will adore this film. It's very comparable to films like 'Bandlsam' & 'School of Rock'. 

4. Battle Royale (film, 18)

Battle Royale is a Japanese film released in 2000. It is set in a dystopian world where every year a class is selected by the government to take part in a game where they must fight to the death and one winner remains. 

I wasn't expecting to like this film, admittedly, I didn't know that much about it, but I only watched it because my boyfriend really wanted to. I ended up loving it. It was really gripping and intense, with that being said, this film is not for the fainthearted. If you don't like blood and such, you will not like this. 

It's very similar, in my opinion, to The Hunger Games (but a lot more intense). I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Suzanne Collins got her inspiration from this movie. Both films involve a dystopian world in which people are selected at random, dropped into a secluded area and forced to fight each other to the death. However, Battle Royale is better! 

5. Big Mouth (TV series, 15)

Big Mouth is an animated series following a group of teenagers and their experiences with all things puberty. There's sex, periods, uncontrollable hormones and more! The series is actually based on the creators Nick Kroll & Andrew Goldberg's real experiences while growing up. 

What I loved about this series is that, not only is it funny, but it's real and it's never afraid to step over the line of obscenity. Puberty is awkward, confusing and, let's be honest, messy. This show perfectly captures all of that and puts a hilarious spin on that so everyone who is either going through puberty still, or has gone through it can look back and laugh at their own misfortune. It's completely daft and completely incredible. The only thing that I don't like about it is that the episodes aren't long enough! 


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