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Welcome to blogmas day 5! We all love a good festive event around this time, but there are a few events that are a little more notorious. Here are a few world famous Christmas events that you must see!


Winter Wonderland - London

Starting off with an obvious one, Winter Wonderland! This amazing festival is held in Hyde Park and what once started out as a simple market, over 10 years later, it has turned into a huge extravaganza. There are an array of activities and events such as live shows, fairground rides, ice-skating and more! Just a few of its best attractions include the UK's largest outdoor ice-rink, a circus megadome and, of course, the giant wheel. If you're around London this Christmas, definitely drop in and see what it's all about!

Giant Lantern Festival - Philippines

This festival is held every December in the City of San Fernando. It's essentially a competition between giant lanterns made out of bamboo, steel, plastic, fiberglass and over 5,000 coloured lights. The festival began back in the 1930's and due to the popularity of the event, the city has been given the title of the 'Christmas capital of the Philippines'. Every year the competitors get more creative and come out with even more extravagant lanterns, it really is a sight to be seen.

Cavalcade of Lights - Toronto

The cavalcade of lights has been an annual tradition for nearly 50 years. It's held at Nathan Philips Square and it is a celebration of turning on Toronto's Christmas tree lights. It's a stunning event complete with fireworks, live performances and ice-skating parties. The best part of it all is that it's completely free!


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