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It's no surprise that I am a huge music lover, and so when I was 16 I decided to delve into the incredible world of vinyl. If you are also a music lover then I'm sure you'll agree that vinyl is the ultimate way of listening to and collecting music.

Today I will be sharing my vinyl collection with you, but just an FYI: my collection is very small, vinyls can be expensive and I don't have the means to be purchasing them all the time. I'd also like to mention that I have had more vinyls in the past, but I've reluctantly had to sell them in times when I've been struggling for money.


This album is an absolute God-send to humanity! If you haven't heard this album then you are SERIOUSLY missing out. It's the perfect album to have on the background when you're either relaxing or trying to do work (that's usually when I listen to it). It has the perfect mixture of upbeat & calm songs, my favourites being The Chain & Songbird.

I'm the proud owner of an original vinyl from when it was released in 1977. It comes with one disc featuring 11 songs. Because it's an original, and it hasn't been repressed or remastered, the vinyl is a lot thinner and 'bendier' (that's the difference between new and old vinyl) which I actually like more. Since it's the only original record I have, I handle it with even more care and delicacy than the others.


Again, if you haven't heard this album then what are you doing with your life?! I first discovered my love for T.Rex at a fairly young age and, believe it or not, it was while watching Billy Elliot that I discovered them. The film features some of T.Rex's most popular songs (Cosmic Dancer, Get It On, Children of the Revolution & I Love To Boogie) and I remember loving every single one of them as a child. It wasn't until I grew up that I realised who the songs were by. Naturally, I became obsessed with this album and now I'm so happy to finally have it as part of my collection.

This album was released in 1971, but unfortunately this isn't an original. It is a repress, but I'm perfectly fine with it. Since it's a repress the vinyl is thicker which means it's less likely to snap and break. This album also has one disc and features 11 songs, my favourites being Get It On & Rip Off.


How on Earth would I ever have a vinyl collection without this album?! I feel like everyone and their mother has this album because it really is a masterpiece. Another album that is perfect to relax to and just have on in the background.

The artwork is very simple, but I love it. The photo inside the vinyl cover kinda gives me 1950's jazz-band/gangster vibes (just me?). The entire album is black and white which, I'm not going to lie, speaks to me on an emotional level.

Again, just one disc, but this one features 12 songs. My favourites are R U Mine? & Snap Out Of It. I might be really typical and basic having this album in my collection, but I really don't care. It's a treasured addition.

 4. THE 1975 - THE 1975

*cough cough* typical. Guess what...I still don't care. This album is absolutely transcendent, I don't think I know a single person who doesn't like at least one of these songs!

Definitely the most aesthetically pleasing album I own. In pictures, it's great, but it's nothing compared to what it looks like in real life. From the neon lights on the front & back, the images inside and the clear discs...everything has been thought about so well.

This one comes with two discs and tHEY'RE CLEAR! I don't know about you, but coloured/clear vinyls excite me. It features 16 songs in total (each vinyl has 4 songs on each side). It's so hard for me to choose my favourite songs from this album, but off the top of my head I'm going to go for Robbers & Pressure....and Sex.


If you saw my What I Got For My 19th Birthday post, then you would've seen this. I got this about a month ago for my birthday, and I've already played it a good amount of times! I am OBSESSED with this soundtrack anyways, but having it on vinyl only intensifies my love.

Out of all of my albums, this one is probably the most 'obscure'. If you don't like the Rocky Horror film (or if you don't like musicals in general), then you probably won't like this album. Out of all of the musicals I've seen, Rocky Horror is by far the weirdest! But it's also one of the best so to have the soundtrack on vinyl makes me incredibly happy.

It features one disc and, as you can see, it's red! (to match the horrifically sexy aesthetic of course). My favourite songs are Sweet Transvestite & Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me, but I mean we ALL love The Time-Warp (even if you haven't seen the film).


So that's my vinyl collection! Leave a comment down below what your favourite addition to your vinyl collection is (or what album you would buy first if you don't have one). Thank you so much for reading. If you liked this post, please make sure to share and follow!

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  1. And now you have a few more! And they are originals x