What I Got For My 19th Birthday

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If you follow me on social media then some of you may know that it was my birthday on Tuesday and I turned 19! Last year I did a what I got for my birthday post, so I thought I would do another this year. I'll leave the link HERE if you would like to read it.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who made my birthday what it was and tried to make it the best for me. To everyone who took the time to celebrate with me, to those who bought me presents & cards etc. and those who simply wished me a happy birthday, thank you all. I appreciate every ounce of effort to making turning 19 and leaving my 18 and youthful days behind me enjoyable. I didn't do much to celebrate, it wasn't a very eventful day, but it ended up being great nonetheless.


I'm going to go through each person & what they got me etc. in the order that I opened them.


So if you saw my birthday wishlist post then you may have seen this! My dad got me the Rocky Horror soundtrack on vinyl and I'm in love with it. Funnily enough I didn't even know that it was red, it's my first coloured vinyl! I haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, but I'm very excited to. 

BELINDA (boyfriends auntie):

My boyfriends auntie firstly got me some very delicious treats, then a stunning bracelet from Miss Selfridge. If you know me, then you know that I love being an August baby, so anything that celebrates that I'm all for and this bracelet is gorgeous! She then got me the Fizzbanger bath bomb from Lush, which I've never tried, but I've always wanted to so I'm very happy about that. It smells incredible!

CHRISTINE (boyfriends mam):

My boyfriends mam got me this lovely weekend bag. It's not to replace my usual bag, but I go to stay at my boyfriends every weekend and I typically have to use two bags because my other one isn't big enough to carry all of my stuff. So this is a great gift and I'm going to get lots of use out it (I'm actually really looking forward to just using one bag). She also got me some honeycomb matchmakers & she also put some money in my card so that was really generous of her. 

AUSTIN (boyfriend):

My boyfriend definitely did a great job! He got me the palette of dreams (modern renaissance) and my favourite brow product of all time (brow wiz).

I've owned so many of these by now, they are my absolute favourite! But I ran out of my brow wiz not too long ago and I felt completely lost without it. I put it on my list and now I'm so happy that it's back in my life #BrowsOnFleek

I mean...can we just?! I've wanted this palette for SO LONG! And now I finally own it, and I have to say, it was worth the wait! The photos don't even do it justice, it's even more beautiful in real life. I don't think I'll ever need another palette again...okay maybe that's a lie, but it is beautiful!

RACHEL (sister):

My sister came round later in the day and gave me my presents and wished me a happy birthday. She got me a HUGE bar of Galaxy chocolate which will probably take me three years to finish (but I'm going to enjoy it!), she also got me the Happiness Lush gift set (you can tell I like Lush). It's filled with amazing, citrus smelling things and I love them all! I think the bubble bar is probably my favourite in the whole box, but I'm excited to try everything.

She also got me these beautiful yellow/orange flowers! My favourite colour is orange so I think she just picked out as many orange things as she could! I love getting flowers, they make me so happy and these ones are sitting very beautifully next to my makeup. 


I'm so grateful for everything that I've received this year. Those that I haven't mentioned either gave me money or haven't been able to get me a gift yet, so thank you to those people too! I had a very relaxed birthday, it wasn't really eventful, but I still had a great day! So again, thank you to everyone who made it what it was and put the time and effort in to make sure that I had a great day. 

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Caitlin x

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Some lovely gifts here, loving the shades in that eyebrow pallet...! Actually kind of want that myself now! x x

  2. Happy late birthday! You got so many gorgeous things, the ABH palette is beautiful palette xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush