Anti-Haul: Products I Won't Be Buying | Part 2

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I did an anti-haul post a few weeks back and it seemed to go down really well (I'll leave it HERE if you haven't read my first one yet) so I thought I would do another one because guess what...I have more products that I dislike (when I say 'dislike', I basically mean that I don't get the hype and they don't excite me that's all #NoHate).


1. Urban Decay Naked Heat - £39.50 

I honestly feel slightly scared about this one because I know how many people fell in love with this palette upon its announcement, but I just don't feel excited about it. I was initially attracted to the palette, the warm shades and the stylish packaging never fail to pull me in, but I started to see a few flaws and eventually I just lost all of my excitement. 

The shade selection (in my opinion) is actually fairly weak, it's like they almost got it right, but not quite. To me it's quite obvious that there are a few shades missing, I would've liked to see the palette with a 'glam' gold shade, or even a black! It is a pretty palette (undeniably) but it doesn't quite reach the level of some of the other warm palettes out there (Morphe 35O, NYX etc.) which is a real shame.  

2. Jeffree Star Chrome Summer Collection 

If you are a returning visitor to my blog then you'll know that I love Jeffree's products, his liquid lipsticks and highlighters are my favourite formulas to date! But I cannot get on board with this collection. Again, STUNNING packaging! But the shades though...

Liquid Lipsticks: The lipstick collection is basically a mix of some extremely light nudes, two metallics, a very bright purple, a garish lime green, a shade that looks very similar to Dominatrix and another shade that looks very similar to Androgyny. I don't see myself wearing most of these shades, and the shades I do see myself wearing aren't unique enough to me. 

Lip Ammunition Bullets: I've already expressed my feelings towards these in my last post, and my feelings haven't changed.

Skin Frosts: So basically a yellow gold that won't suit me and a white (apparently duochrome) shade that looks identical to Ice Cold...hmm.

The non-originality and non-wearability of this collection is just a no from me, I'm sorry.  

3. Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Collection

Another collection that everyone adores, but not me. I love Kylie Cosmetics and I'm always excited about her releases but this one I just didn't like, and I genuinely feel like I'm the only one. Again, it's simply a shade issue. The lipsticks are pink nudes & a gaudy purple, which I won't wear. The bronzers and highlighters are too dark for me. I can never really see myself wearing a loose highlighter either. And the shades in the eyeshadow palette just don't excite me. I just feel like the general shade selection isn't for me.

And I know everyone loves the packaging, but I kinda have a love/hate relationship with it. It's cute, which makes me like it, but it also looks cheap and childish which isn't really ideal when you're paying $52 plus shipping, plus customs tax for one palette! Sorry Kylie, maybe next time. 

4. KKW Beauty Contour Sticks

The KKW Beauty launch wasn't something I was too excited about, but I hoped to be surprised by it, and I wasn't. I know it's early days for the brand and they obviously still have a lot of work to do, but the overall brand just looks basic. I can see that Kim is going for the 'cool minimalist vibes' but there's a fine line between being minimalistic and being boring, and I fear she's crossed the wrong side of the line. 

As for the actual products themselves, I'm not blown away. Again, the packaging is basic and cheap looking tbh. The actual shades look decent but I don't understand why there are two contour shades and two highlight shades that look exactly the same as each other?? Idk. I also think she hopped onto the contour trend very late, I understand that creating a new makeup brand takes time but contouring has been and gone. I get that she brought contouring to it's height of popularity, but in 2015, it's now 2017 and people are moving onto other things.

That being said, I'm excited to see how she improves her brand and where she takes it. I mean we all know that Kylie didn't start out the absolute best, so only time will tell. 


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  1. It's a shame you think that about the Naked Heat. I personally have been using it non stop for the last 3 weeks and can't fault it. The shade selection is really nice and varied!
    As for the KKW contour sticks, I agree! So much money and I have contour palettes - not needed at all! Same with the Kylie palettes!
    And as for Jeffree Star, we'll not go there... I would never give him any money at all 😂

    1. I know so many people love the Naked Heat, but it just isn't for me personally. I just feel like there are so many warm toned palettes out there with better variation and a better price. It is a nice palette, but I'm just not feeling it.

  2. I agree with you about the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, the first picture I saw of it made it look amazing. Every picture since has made it look so disappointing, the shades don't stand out as much and are underwhelming.

    Leah x