Social Media: Knowing When To Stop

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We live in a world that is, basically, controlled by social media. And while social media can have some amazing, positive outcomes e.g. meeting people you never could, or spreading awareness for important topics, aside from that, it can also have some really negative effects. For example, people forget how to really live their lives. And that's the main thing I want to talk about.

Social media is great for sharing memories, but it's also great for creating art or humour, and that's where the real memory aspect gets lost. The amount of times that I've said "oh let me get this on Snapchat" instead of  "let me take a photo/video of this for my own memories" is ridiculous, because a lot of the time I choose entertainment over memories. I'm a very sentimental person, but even I'm guilty of taking photos simply so I have something to post on Instagram, or going to a concert and spending the entire time trying to get the perfect photo, JUST so I have something good to post later on. And that's wrong. It's okay every now and then, in small doses, but when it's all you do and it ends up taking over your life, that's when you need to take a step back.

A few months ago I realised that I was turning into one of those people that would take photos, just to have something to post, instead of waiting for genuine memories to share. I would plan my entire day around my Instagram feed, I'd be like "okay so today I need to post a selfie so I have to do my makeup and spend hours taking photos" or "I want to go into town this weekend so I can take photos of the buildings" how wrong does that sound? I also realised that I hardly had any decent memories in my camera roll, all of the photos or videos taken were from Instagram or Snapchat, and that made me so sad. So I decided that enough is enough. I took a long break from Instagram, I didn't post anything for about a month, I stopped going on Snapchat so much and I stopped taking photos and videos solely for social media, but I started taking actual photos and videos to save, and not share. I take selfies and don't post them, I take videos of funny moments with friends and never put them anywhere because there's no need to, and it's an AMAZING feeling.

Every now and then we all like to think of ourselves as artistic geniuses, so we take pretty photos and post them, or maybe you have an Instagram theme (which I don't personally like, but that's just me) and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with wanting to show off your skills, but when your entire social media turns into an art show instead of a place of memories and happiness, it's not right. So I'm challenging you to take a step back from social media yourself, live your life in the moment, and forget about your Instagram or your Snapchat. Life is bigger and so much more beautiful when you're living in the moment, for the moment. Try it, I dare you.


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