Anti-Haul: Products I Won't Be Buying

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Anti-Hauls have become increasingly popular in the last few months, and I've really enjoyed reading/watching them. And as a beauty lover, I often see some new products that just makes me think "why tho??". So today I'm going to be writing about 5 products that I will NOT be buying and why.

1. Juvia's Place Blush Palettes - $18

I've never tried anything from Juvia's place before, but I desperately want to try out the Saharan palette, and they recently released two blush palettes, a volume 1 and a volume 2. Volume 1 is aimed at darker skin tones, which is amazing because you rarely see brands that work well for darker complexions, so it's great to see a brand dedicated to darker skin. The volume 2 palette is said to be complimentary for all skin tones, and I have to say, it will not suit my skin tone. The shades are still too dark for me, they are very bold and 'out there'. And to be honest, even if they brought out a lighter version, I still wouldn't buy it because of the 'shimmer' shades, I'm a matte blush girl, and I always will be. Personally, I just don't think this palette would work out for me.

2. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Prismatic Amethyst £32

When Becca announced this product I was absolutely blown away by the packaging, it's absolutely stunning! And at first I was extremely convinced that I needed this product. But after seeing swatches, I've changed my mind. I think the packaging REALLY over compensates for the actual product. I also think that it's very unoriginal now to bring out a lilac highlighter, the whole duo-chrome,  prismatic, holographic phase is kind of fizzling out now and soooo many brands have hopped on it way too late. Some still stand out to me, like the Makeup Geek duo-chrome highlighters, but unfortunately this product does not.

3. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Lip Ammunition Bullets £16

If you know me then you'll know that I love Jeffree's products, his liquid lipsticks are my favourite formula ever, and his highlighters are the best I've ever tried. But I just don't feel any sort of attraction to his lip bullets. I feel as though the shade selection is weak af (especially in comparison to his liquid lipsticks) and the packaging is just, well kinda cheap looking. I feel like if Jeffree put as much time in with his lip bullets as he does with his liquid lipsticks, then they would be so much more appealing. I feel like, right now, all of his focus is on other products, and that's fine, I suppose, but these lipsticks are lacking so much that I kinda think "well, why do they exist?". To me, they kinda look like a failed, half-assed project. Perhaps if he put more time and effort into them, I would reconsider, but right now, they just don't appeal to me at all.

4. Zoeva Basic Moment Eyeshadow Palette £18

I love Zoeva products, I have their Cocoa Blend palette and I also have a couple of their brushes, and I LOVE them! But this palette though...yikes. I know it's called the 'Basic Moment' palette, but it should be called the 'Boring Moment' palette. Of course it's supposed to be a simple palette, complete with your basic nude shades but omg it's boring. No one wants to pay £18 for 10 shades of dull like c'mon. Also, the shades are very cool, I don't have a problem with cool shades necessarily, but they are very cool, like almost grey, cool. I don't know, this palette just doesn't catch my eye (cute packaging tho, I have to admit).

5. Gerard Cosmetics Mist-ified Hydrating Facial Mist £14.50

I'm just going to go straight to the point on this one, I don't know why this exists. I already have a moisturiser that works fantastically (Nivea Daily Essentials for Dry & Sensitive Skin), why would I then spend an extra £14.50 on a spray that does the exact same thing?? I would understand if it was also a primer or a setting spray, but from my knowledge, it's just for moisturising, like why?? I'm, sorry but I'm not spending money on some milky, 'moisturising' water when I have a perfectly good moisturiser already. Nah.


Thank you so much for reading, what products will you not be hauling any time soon? Let me know in the comments. If you'd like, you can follow me on all of my social media listed at the ride-side, including Bloglovin'. Thank you.

Caitlin x 

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  1. I find posts like this so interesting to read. I totally agree with what you said about the Zoeva palette, I'm usually a fan of them but the colours look so boring xx

  2. I totally agree with you on Jeffrees lipsticks! None of the shades stand out to me :(

  3. I love the name of this, anti-haul, haha! Never tried these products before.. and will be sure to stay away! I'm surprised by the Becca product mentioned though, I've heard their stuff is amazing! Great to be aware though, thank you for this! x

    1. I'm not saying that you should stay away from any of these products, I'm honestly just telling you the products that I'm not interested in personally, they might be incredible for you! It's all just opinions here :) x

  4. The only product I have heard of in that list is the zoeva palette. After reading this, not sure I wanna buy it. Not much of a makeup girl annyway! xx corinne

  5. I've never seen a post like this but I love the idea of an anti haul! Yeah I'm not a huge fan of blusher full stop so I don't see the point of a blush palette!
    Robyn //

  6. I am loving anti haul posts at the moment! It's interesting to see which products people won't be trying that everyone else seems to have! I tend to stick to quite basic makeup so there are loads of products I'm not giving into!

    Tiffany x

  7. I have one Jeffree Star lipstick, and you're so right about the packaging all of the detail on the bullet is starting to ware off, which is not what I expected at all! Super shocked at that Becca highlighter, but they have jumped on the trend waaay too late xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  8. I agree about the Becca highlighters! I have way too many lol thanks for sharing!