Sex Talk: It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

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By writing this series I am in no way claiming to be some sort of 'sex expert', I'm literally just an 18 year old girl who likes talking about sex. Everything written is my opinion and advice from my experiences, but I will try and cover as much as I can to help everyone.


Sex can be can be fun and thrilling, but without thinking about it, it can also be pretty dangerous (and no, I'm not talking about a little bit of cramp or accidentally hitting your head off the wall). I'm talking about pregnancy and STIs.

In sex education, we're all taught the importance of having safe sex, they basically just tell us repeatedly to put a condom on while showing us disgusting photos of various infections. But are any of us really paying attention at that age? Not really. When you're 13 and there's a diagram of a penis on the whiteboard, it all becomes a joke. But it isn't a joke anymore. If you're planning on being sexually active, or if you already are, here's a little information for you.


When the majority of us think of sex, we usually think of intercourse, but there are many other forms of sex that come with the same amount of risks. In school we're never taught about the risks of oral, anal, masturbation, or even fingering (yes, that has risks too). Every part of sex comes with a risk (because let's face it, sex is kind of disgusting...I mean it's great, but disgusting).


I don't think that I have to go into too much detail about this one, but I'm writing it just in case. To prevent pregnancy, you of course need to use some sort of contraception. Off the top of my head, the most common forms of contraception are condoms, the pill, the implant and the injection, but there are over 10 different forms of contraception to try so if you don't like the sound of those, then there's bound to be something that works for you. If you want to read more into the different types of contraception, you can read them HERE.

DO NOT rely on the pulling out method (withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation, preventing the semen getting into the vagina). While some say that this method is reliable, it isn't always. Many people forget about a little thing called pre-ejaculation, which is a fluid that can come out of the tip of the penis when a male has an erection or is fairly 'excited'.

Many believe that pre-cum is actually sperm, which is false. Pre-cum is simply a fluid that is used to wash out the penis before sex. So then how is it dangerous? While the fluid itself does not contain any semen, it may wash out some semen with it while it being produced, potentially causing pregnancy. So listen to Jeremy Kyle when he says to "put something on the end of it".


STI stands for Sexually Transmitted Infection, and they can be passed from one to another during sexual intercourse or other sexual activities. I won't be going into details about all the different types of STIs (just know that they're all pretty terrible), but if you want to refresh your memory and have a little read about them, then you can HERE.

The only way to prevent an STI is to use a condom, it is the ONLY form of contraception that protects against infections. So if you're having sex with someone and you're not sure about their sexual history etc. use one! Even if you're already using another form of contraception.

Some people say, "but it doesn't feel AS good", well think about this, would you rather have sex and walk away from it carefree and happy, or have sex and potentially walk away from it with a burning sensation? It's a no-brainer in my opinion.

What people don't realise is that you can catch all sorts of STIs from other sexual activities too. Anal has the highest risk of all (as you would imagine); the lining of the anus is a lot thinner, making it more prone to infection. If you have unprotected, anal sex you could risk getting Chlamydia, Herpes, Warts, Gonorrhea, HIV & Syphilis. Of course you can prevent these by using a condom.

Believe it or not, you can get the exact same infections through oral sex, with the additional risk of Hepatitis A, B & C. If you're taking part in fellatio, use a condom, and if you're taking part in cunnilingus, use a dental dam. ITS THAT SIMPLE.  


Before I mentioned that fingering also comes with risks, and it's true. While fingering isn't known for transmitting STIs, if you have any kind of cuts or sores on your hands, you and your partner could run the risk of getting HIV and other blood borne diseases. Obviously this is rare, but it can happen.


Having safe sex is honestly incredibly easy, you just have to know your stuff and be smart about it. Now all you have to protect are your feelings (sad, but true).

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  1. I do agree it doesn't feel as good with a condom and I personally don't like using them but I agree its better to be safe than sorry x

    S x

  2. It's nice to see someone talking about important issues! When I was in school my sex ex talk was so rubbish I still had so many unanswered questions!

    Terri /

  3. Nice to read an article on such important issues. I don't think sex is disgusting. Sex isamazing and beautiful and empowering but not disgusting. Describing it as disgusting is stigmatizing and lead to feeling guilty. But yeah, we are always warn of danger with intercourse but not of other forms of sex. I didn't know for fingering. Learning something tonight! xx corinne

    1. I think you misunderstood when I said disgusting. I didn't mean that having sex is disgusting, I love sex and I preach that it's an amazing thing all the time. If I thought sex was disgusting I wouldn't be writing about it. I genuinely just meant disgusting in the sense of 'stickiness' etc. more of a hygiene kind of thing, if you get what I mean. But I completely understand how you can misread that so I'm sorry.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I also believe it's better to be safe than sorry and also encourage women to take care of themselves by having condoms too. Some guys maybe forgetful or sly about using protection. Ensure you protect yourself. I also think it's important to be assertive, if you don't want to do something because of the health risks involved then please don't do it.

    Great post! I hope to read many more. Cheers!

  5. Yes! To creating awareness when it comes to sex.
    I'm very glad you mentioned HIV, because sexually transmitted viruses are often neglected.

    I was quite shocked to learn recently that my fellow youngsters don't really worry about STIs because they figure that if you're young and sleeping with other young people, then both partners haven't had many other sexual partners.

    Awareness and education is s important!