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Hi, long time no see! I've taken a very long, unintentional break from blogging recently and I'm very eager to get back into it. Before I do so, I would just like to give you all a little update about me and where I want this blog to go. 

During my time off, my mental health has progressed so much. I don't know how I've done it, but I look at life in completely new way. I feel a lot happier within myself and my life in general. It's been a long time coming but I finally feel as though I have overcome the worst of my anxiety and depression. Although my mental health is obviously still an issue and there's a very small chance that I will ever be completely rid of it, I now know how to stop myself from being so anxious, but rather excited instead. If you want to read a more in depth post about overcoming and dealing with my mental health issues then please let me know. 

I'm still out of education and unemployed, if you didn't know, I was doing an apprenticeship but they had to fire me due to my anxiety becoming an issue (again, if you would like to hear more about that then let me know). I'm currently looking for a new apprenticeship that suits me and I am attending interviews as often as I am offered them. It's been a struggle for me, but I've gotten to the point where I am determined and will never give up. As soon as I get a new apprenticeship I will let you know. 

I would also like to talk a little bit about my blog and what posts I have in mind for the future. Of course I will keep writing posts about my current themes such as beauty, lifestyle, mental health etc etc, but that's not all that I am and I would love it if I could incorporate a little more of myself into my blog (considering it is my blog after all). The main thing that I would like to talk about is sex, sex is probably my favourite conversation topic of all time and I often feel as though I have some interesting advice/opinions on it. I believe that sex should be talked about amongst everyone (ages 16+) on a regular basis and I would like to contribute towards making sex a less 'taboo' topic. That's why I would like to start a new series on my blog called 'Sex Talk', where each time I will choose a certain subject revolving around sex and discuss it, the topics will either be completely chosen by me or I'm happy to take suggestions from you. If this is something that you would be interested in then please let me know, and perhaps even leave some topic suggestions in the comments. A while ago I wrote a post all about contraception, and despite it being a scary and risky one to post, I got nothing but positive feedback, so I'm hopeful that you will feel the same about this.

I would also like to start another series titled 'My opinion on' (name might change), which, yes, is exactly as it sounds. Similar to my Sex Talk series, each time I will choose a topic and talk about my thoughts. This obviously leaves a wider range of topics to discuss which I think is what makes it interesting to both write and read. Again I am happy to take topic suggestions for this, in fact, I would prefer if I chose a subject that has been suggested by one of you every single time. Let me know, and maybe leave some suggestions of what you want to see below.

If you want to be more involved in what posts go up and when, head over to my twitter (@CAITYLOUX) and follow me, I'm always posting polls on there as I want you to all be as involved as possible. It would also probably be easier if you wanted to give me suggestions privately as you can just DM me. 

Thank you so much for reading. If you liked this post, please make sure to share and follow! I would also appreciate it if you followed me on all of my social media. Thank you. Caitlin x

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  1. You talk about loads of things in this post! I will definitely keep a look out for the polls on your page and look forward to reading your new series, I think it'll be a great success!
    All the best xxx

    The Frugal Teen | http://thefrugalteen.wixsite.com/thefrugalteen

  2. I'm glad you're tackling your mental health more and I hope you can find an job that suits you! These post sounds like such great ideas, it's a great way to spread advice on such a taboo topic.

  3. I'm glad you're working on improving your mental health for yourself. And it's good your following what you want to write rather than sticking your original theme xx

    Sophie's Spot

  4. Sex Talks sound amazing! I'm following just for those haha - sex needs to stop being a taboo!

    I'm glad you're feeling better & cant wait to see what you post in the future.

    Chloe || chloealicelily.co.uk