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Product description:
Smooth on foundation coverage that feels ultra-light and buildable, while it evens and perfects your complexion. Every weightless drop of fluid imparts subtle luminosity that blurs imperfections and leaves a soft-focused glow. The foundation features a curated array of nine flexible shades that flatter all skintones. For flawless results, shake well before each use to ensure that the pigments and luminizers blend perfectly.

The packaging is overall beautiful. With a frosted glass bottle and a dropper applicator, the bottle feels very luxurious and as if you're really getting what you're paying for. The writing on the bottle is minimal and from a distance it's barely noticeable. It also has BECCA imprinted onto the top of the lid, which again is minimal but also quite luxurious. The bottle, although glass, is actually fairly lightweight.

First Impressions:
When I first put some of the product onto my hand, I could straight away see that it was too dark and fairly orange  (I have the shade fair, which is the second lightest shade). I also noticed that the foundation, as promised, was extremely thin and lightweight.

Once I started applying it to the skin (using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush), it was very obvious that it wasn't the right shade, despite it being the second lightest shade (for a while it was the lightest shade until they came out with Porcelain) it was too dark and slightly orange.

The product was very thin and the coverage was extremely light, and this is coming from someone who actually prefers a lighter coverage. It barely covered anything at all, all of my blemishes, acne scars and redness were still visible (but of course I couldn't build it up because it was too orange). I did take the risk and went in with a second layer, this managed to cover a little more, but still my blemishes and redness were still quite visible. Overall I used roughly 2 1/2 droppers of the product.

Once on, the foundation was VERY glowy, a lot more than what the description suggests. After using some powder (Rimmel Stay Matte) the glow was turned down a notch and it had a beautiful luminous glow. As I continued doing my makeup, I started to realise the foundation settling on my skin and looking more and more beautiful as time went on. By the time that I had finished my makeup I was in LOVE with it!

It lasted pretty well throughout the day considering it's a dewy foundation (I did use MAC Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage as a primer and Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray as a setting spray). I did get a little oily around the nose area, which is a normal occurrence for me with foundations, but this was easily fixed with a little bit of powder. I was still happy with the way that the foundation looked when I got home from work after an 8 hour shift.

Overall Thoughts: 
Love it. If you like light coverage and luminosity, this foundation is great for you. Because of the light coverage and the colour issue I have been mixing it with my usual everyday foundation (L'Oreal True Match) and it has worked brilliantly! Of course I would love to wear it on it's own again, but to do that I really do feel like I need to buy some foundation lightening/coverage drops to go with it just to improve it's overall quality.


Lightweight feeling on the skin
Beautiful finish
Good staying power (for a dewy foundation)

Doesn't cover blemishes and redness
Too orange & oxidizes slightly
Dropper is difficult to use 

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