The Admiration of Beauty

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Today I found a quote that said, "Admire someone else's beauty without questioning your own". I don't know who wrote this quote, but I agree with it completely. Comparing yourself to someone else's beauty is practically the equivalent of pushing a self destruct button. It tears you apart in indescribable ways and makes you feel, well, sh*t.

I, for one, do this waayy too much for my own good. I compare myself to every single girl that I meet, even every single girl that I don't meet. Whenever I see a picture of another girl I subconsciously pick out things about them that I think are better than me. I then come to the conclusion that everything about me is worthless, and then I usually cry while watching some soppy rom-com and eating my weight in junk food (which makes me feel even worse).

I've never loved myself, and at this stage, I feel like I never will. I mean why do you think I change my Facebook profile picture so much? Because then at least somebody likes the way that I look, and I know that likes on a profile picture are hardly that important and practically mean nothing if you really think about it, but hey, they satisfy my need for approval from time to time.

But my main point is, I need to stop looking for approval, and I need to stop comparing myself to everyone. The truth is, I'm insanely insecure, but perhaps I wouldn't be as insecure as I am if I didn't compare myself to every single girl that I know. And this goes for everyone. I see so many people beating themselves up because they don't look like someone else, and it's stupid. Some of the most beautiful girls I know don't like themselves and it makes me wonder why we keep doing this to ourselves, and each other.

It's great to admire someone else's beauty, but can we try to do it without hating ourselves in the process?

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