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Hello October (the month of scary festivities), it's great to see you! 
Throughout the month of September, I've had the chance to try a few of new products, so I thought I'd share with you the things that I've been loving. 

The Sims 4
Sims is one of those things that many people love and cherish. It's a childhood fave for many and I remember spending days and days of my childhood playing sims. I was lucky enough to get it for my birthday off my boyfriend and I've been playing it non-stop. It was difficult getting used to the new design of the game but, oh my god, it's so much fun. 

Garnier Fructis Frizz Tamer Shampoo and Conditioner for Wavy or Curly Hair
I bought this shampoo and conditioner because I've been trying to find shampoos and conditioners that help my curly hair, and this definitely does. These products really help with tackling my frizz and nourishing my curls at the same time. I often find it difficult to nourish my hair and make my curls as curly as they can get without weighing down my hair, but this really works. It doesn't weigh down my hair and it makes my curls more prominent. Definitely a good buy. 

St. Ives Apricot Scrub Gentle for Dry/Sensitive Skin
As a person with dry and sensitive skin, I find it so hard to find an exfoliator that isn't too abrasive. I've found that this St.Ives one is very gentle on the skin, so gentle that you can even use it on a daily basis, which I don't, but I feel like if I wanted to use it more often then I could. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly smooth and, I don't know why, but I feel like it also helps with blemishes. Love love love love love. 

Jelly Belly Scented Candle in Toasted Marshmallow
I actually bought this candle last Christmas and ever since September came around I've had it lit constantly. It smells so sweet and Christmassy, it genuinely makes me so excited for Christmas. 

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist
Oh My God. This mist smells like heaven. It's the perfect balance between sweet and sophisticated and I've been wearing it everyday since I got it. And can we note that the packaging is to die for? The only bad thing about this product is that I've been using it so much that it runs out in the blink of an eye. 

Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm
I've had this lip balm for years and it's, without a doubt, the best lip balm that I've ever tried. It's so moisturising for the lips and it has an extremely sheer pink tint. There's nothing else I can say about it really, apart from that, if I'm wearing a lip balm, I'm wearing this. 

Nail Polish: Essie - Fiji & Barry M Speedy Quick Dry - Pit Stop
I've rekindled an old love and found a new love. 
Essie - Fiji is extremely popular with pretty much everyone. It's the most beautiful light pink, it's so light that the majority of people mistake it for being white. It's a simple but staple shade and I love it. 
I've been trying to find the perfect light grey for the longest time, and yippee! I've found it! The Barry M nail polish from the new Speedy Quick Dry range in Pit Stop is the perfect light grey, and as the bottle states, it drys speedy quick. I've definitely found a winner.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation
The L'Oreal True Match foundation is undoubtedly the best drugstore foundations that I've ever used. As it states, it matches the skin perfectly, it's super easy to blend and it gives me just the right amount of coverage while making it look as though it's my natural skin. I'm really enjoying their new packaging, I prefer it much more to the old packaging as it just looks a little bit more sleek and swish. I will say that the finish isn't particularly to my liking as it drys near to matte, but I guess you can't win them all. 

Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Sepia (sample)
Over the last month, I have found this to be my perfect pinky nude shade. Although, it's quite sheer, it's definitely build-able, and I like that a lot. Personally, I don't think I would pay the full price (£25), but the sample was definitely worth getting. Plus, can we just appreciate the effort that's been put into the packaging and presentation even though it's only a sample? Adorable. 

Mac Lipstick in Lady Danger (Matte)
I haven't tried many high-end lipsticks, but out of the ones I have tried, Mac will always win. I recently purchased this while spending my birthday money, I was originally going to pick up Mac Whirl, but I'm so glad that I picked this up instead. I feel like it's become a staple lipstick for me. If I were a lipstick, this would be me. It's the most outstanding shade of orange/red. And did I mention that my favourite colour is orange? 

Makeup Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows Palettes in Flawless and Flawless Matte
Would you believe me if I told you that these incredible eyeshadow palettes are only £8? Well they are. Makeup Revolution have just been becoming more and more popular recently, and now I understand why. These palettes are amazing. Each shade is completely wearable and with 32 eyeshadows in one palette, the eye-look possibilities are endless. Some of the matte shades may be a little hit and miss with some of the colour payoff not being as much as I had hoped for or maybe being a little chalky, but for £8, I ain't complaining!

Well those were my favourites throughout the month of September!

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