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So around a week ago, I went shopping. And, yes, my bank account paid the price (haha get it?). But I thought I would show you what I bought, so here we go. 

The first stop on my little but large shopping trip was Lush, the mother-ship of bath/shower creativity. Believe it or not, I only went in expecting to get two products, little did I know that I would walk out with six...oops. 

Cinders Bath Bomb (£2.95)
 Cinders is without a doubt my favourite product from Lush's Christmas range, in fact I love it so much that I bought two. It's a small, light orange bath bomb, encrusted with red popping candy. It smells like Christmas, which to me is a lot of spices, especially cinnamon. When put into the bath, it turns the water an orange/yellow colour, filling the room with a light spicy scent as the popping candy pops away. Love it. 

Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75)
 This is a bubble bar that is supposed to turn your bath into a pool of moisturising milk. The bar is in the shape of a milk bottle and the silver glittery lid, which is infused with cocoa butter, adds even more softness. To me it smells very clean, almost like cotton sheets. I'm extremely excited to use this and see just how soft it makes my skin feel. 

So White Bath Bomb (£3.65)
 Again, like the Milky Bath, this has a very clean scent. It may not seem like the most eye-catching bath bomb ever with it's plain, all white exterior, but when dropped into the bath, it's supposed to unleash a beautiful, bubbling, pink center. Although, this is a very popular Christmas product, I've actually never had one before, so I'm excited to see how it is. 

The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.95)
 This smells very similar to the Cinders bath bomb but with a little bit of an orange tinge. I love reusable bubble bars as you can get a really good amount of baths out of them, and I especially love this one. It's orange and glittery and it smells like cinnamon and it has a red ribbon with a bell on it, what more could you want? 

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar (£3.65)
This is the only product that I got from the limited Halloween collection. It's adorable. It's a sparkly, citrus scented joy, and as you can probably guess, picking it up exposes you to grand amounts of gold glitter, you'll be finding it for days. Perfect to have a Halloween/pumpkin themed bath time on those cold, wintery nights. 

Next I had a cheeky little stop off at Mac. 

Matte Lipstick in Taupe (£15.50)
I originally went in expecting to leave with their lipstick in Whirl, but I ended up choosing this one instead, and I don't regret it one bit (even though I still want Whirl). Taupe is the most beautiful brown with a slight reddish undertone. I've been wearing this pretty much everyday since I got it, and some days I've actually worn makeup just so I can wear this lipstick. Absolute fave. 

My last stop on my retail therapy quest was Primark. 

Fluffy Dark Grey Jumper (£14)
This was my first find as it was right next to the door, I wanted to find a coat, and I walked out with a jumper, but hey, at least it still keeps me warm. It's a fluffy, oversized jumper in a very dark grey and I love it. It is a little bit scratchy but for the price, I ain't complaining. I find it to be the perfect, oversized, cosy, lounge jumper. 

Christmas Spice Scented Candle (£3)
To be completely honest, I only really bought this because it's a candle in a jar. The scent is pleasing, as it suggests, it smells quite spicy and Christmassy, but I love it as it makes for such a cute decor piece. If you're looking to get someone something for Christmas, these candles are pretty cute, and pretty cheap for the size. They also do a white one in a Frosted Marshmallow scent. 

Winter Warmer Slipper Socks (£3)
I kid you not, these socks are the softest socks I have ever blessed my feet with. The pattern is such a cute, traditional style, winter pattern, and as they are infused with aloe, they really are undeniably soft (I've made every member of my family, plus my boyfriend, feel how soft they are) Again, great for a small Christmas gift. 

Gold Triangle/Arrow Necklace (£1)
I've been searching for simple necklaces like this one for some time now and I've finally found one that I'm in love with. It's such a simple piece that can be worn with anything, and yes, it may not last that long but for £1, that's a pretty good deal. 

So that was my little but large haul!

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