My Perfect Imperfections

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I've seen this tag circulating around the YouTube and blogging world for a good few years now and I have to say, I think it's a good idea. The idea behind the tag is that you state and explain three things that you dislike about yourself and three things that you like about yourself. These days people focus too much on just their imperfections, the things that they loathe about themselves, and it can start to take its toll on us if we focus on that too much. Of course, like most people, I'm not my biggest fan. I don't particularly like myself but I have to agree that there are things about myself that I wouldn't want to change. At the end of the day, everything about us, perfect or imperfect, makes us who we are. If you wake up every day loathing a certain aspect of yourself, just remember that for every imperfection, there is a perfection to cancel it out.

Typically, this tag is appearance based but I prefer to look at everything about a person, such as personality and the mind, and so it only makes sense that when choosing things that I like and dislike about myself, I take these things into consideration also. So these are my perfect imperfections...


1. Nose.
I've always disliked my nose, I don't like the shape or size and it's starting to become a real drag. Your nose is the main feature of your face and so I feel like people always notice my nose first and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. The fact that your nose is the main feature of your face makes me dislike it even more as if I were to ever change it, i.e. if I were to ever get a nose job, which I'm not going to deny I have looked into before, then it would change how my whole face would look and it might make me look even worse.

2. Body
Again, I've always had issues with this. In the past I was too skinny, I never gained weight no matter how much I ate and so I took advantage of this. I now have some pretty bad eating habits that curse me every day and surely as I got older it started to catch up with me and now I've gained a certain amount of weight that makes me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious on a daily basis. I may not be the biggest but no matter how other people see my weight, it still makes me unhappy.

3. Eyesight
My vision is impaired and so I have to wear glasses. I just hate wearing them. It's horrible. You may say 'just get contact lenses' well I would get contact lenses but, that costs money. It's not always necessarily wearing glasses that I dislike, it's my actual vision. I'm short sighted so when I take my glasses off I can really only see something perfectly when it's roughly 20-30cm away and it's so frustrating.


1. Mind/intelligence/the way I think
I don't really know how to describe this one. I just like how my mind works, I like the way I think. Even though it gives me a headache sometimes, I like the fact that there is always something going on or some kind of thought occurring. I also like my 'intelligence', although I have my blonde moments I do like to consider myself as quite intelligent, especially for my age. It's not necessarily that I know a lot of things or my brain holds a great deal of information but, I like the way I use it. I don't think a persons intelligence is how much stuff they know but simply how they use that stuff that they do know.

2. Ambition
I've always been the ambitious type, and I like it. All I want in life is to succeed at whatever I choose to do, it's all I wish for. I have so many dreams I want to pursue and goals I want to achieve and so naturally this gives me a huge work ethic. I may complain about having to work but I still do it and when I work, I work hard. I know that me working hard might just mean me achieving some of my goals. I want to work hard, I like working hard and it's so I can achieve my ambitions and become successful. My biggest wish is to be successful and someday that's just what I hope to be.

3. Eyes
I don't really know why I like my eyes, I just do. I like the colour of my eyes, they're a green/grey/blue kind of colour and I've actually grown to love it. I like the shape of my eyes. I feel like my eyes are my best feature, which is actually disappointing considering one of my imperfections is my eyesight. I think my eyes are one of the very few things I wouldn't change about my appearance given the chance.

So those were my perfect imperfections. Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

Caitlin x 

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